September 2011

The Queens Diamond Jubilee Group

Tea Party Singalong
Tea Party Sing-a-long

"The Queen's Diamond Jubilee Group were very grateful for the grant it received from the Fisher Parkinson Trust. The Group received £1,000 from Fenland Distrtict Council, as did all parishes and towns. That £1,000 was matched by Wimblington Parish Council. We then received the grant from the Trust and this gave us our initial working capital to start arranging and hiring things like the marquee and entertainers etc which had to be booked well in advance of the event. The grant gave us the breathing space to enable us to work on our own fund raising events and to seek out sponsors. In the end we raised well over £6,000 and were able to put on a tea party for 85 senior residents, a childrens party for 185 children and an evening party for 250 adults. Everyone in the village benefited in some way from the events held to mark this very special occasion. After all bills were settled we had enough funds over to present Parish Council with a cheque to cover the cost of a new street light in the village.  The grant we received from the Trust was vital to the start of our fund raising to cover the costs of all three celebrations in Wimblington and we were the envy of surrounding villages who had not been able to put together events on the same scale."

Anchor Retirement Club

Anchor Retirement Club
Anchor Retirement Club

"Members of the Anchor Retirement Club are very grateful to the Fisher Parkinson Trust for awarding us a grant of £366.00 to pay for the costs towards a Theatre visit and transport in September 2011."








Parkfield Archers

New Archery Bows

"Having this extra equipment has really helped our beginners courses and those who have recently completed them.  We now have better quality equipment for beginners to use and can provide them with a more rewarding beginners course.  Archers are then able to continue to use the club equipment until they feel they are in a position to purchase their own.  I’m sure in the long term this will result in more people joining the club as the need to purchase equipment after a few “beginners sessions” is a big commitment and can easily put people off – So, the funding we have already received from the Trust will help the club thrive.

On behalf of the club, I would like to thank the Trust for the support they have given Parkfield Archers."

July 2011

Wimblington and Stonea Community Car Scheme

Sunday Lunch
Sunday Lunch at The Golden Lion

The trusts grant enabled us to continue our ‘Sunday Lunch’ scheme, taking small groups of the over 60’s who would not normally worry about cooking a Sunday lunch for themselves or have the transport available to go out to one.
With the grant we were able to take them free of transport costs to a the pub ‘The Golden Lion’ in Stonea, a local pub full of friendly locals, where they were able to relax and enjoy a good old fashion Sunday roast and traditional puddings with others in the same situation. For some this changed a monotonous seven day week back into a five day week with a weekend to look forward too. This we did once a month for over a year thanks to the generosity of the Fisher Parkinson Trust.

D. French. Co-ordinator